The Company

Cortell Australia is a leader in Business Performance Management and Analytics

Cortell Australia has been delivering industry-leading solutions, leveraging IBM Business Analytics products and platforms, to the Australian and global marketplace for over 20 years.

Specialising in the IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics platforms, Cortell Australia helps customers modernise and innovate their Planning and Reporting systems to improve the accuracy and accessibility of key decision-making data to support and underpin the organisations business functions.

Modernising and digitising helps organisations deliver value at each step of the information lifecycle.  By refining the business processes that capture, consolidate and calculate the data you need to make decisions you drive efficiency, empower end users, facilitate collaboration, define organisational standards, and encapsulate governance and controls needed to validate the data and mitigate risk.

We have developed invaluable expertise in many industry sectors over the years. Our consultants have delivered 1000+ solutions to 500+ companies in all industry sectors and functional areas. Every company and every line of business, no matter how large or small, needs to use data to validate and support business decisions and operational processes on a day-to-day basis.

Understanding the challenges and opportunities that each customer can address is a vital part of our engagement model. With the experience gained from decades of working with clients across various industries, we bring an all-encompassing partnership model to enable and support you on your journey.

With offices across Australia, we service every major city and regional centre. Our global work has extended to the UK, the US, South America and the Asia Pacific.

The Team

As a globally recognised and awarded organisation within the IBM partner ecosystem for more than 20 years, we attract and retain the best consultants and management talent in the market specialising in the IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics platforms.

Corporate culture and the Cortellians

With 10 years of service for more than 25% of the consulting and management teams and 5 years or more for 50% of the consulting and support teams, our corporate culture and approach to inclusion, integrity, transparency, and fun is core to our business model. We all take great pride in our work, and all support and encourage each other daily.

Customers receive the benefits through inherent retained knowledge and expertise, quality and consistency of delivery and a solid team-based culture that helps drive trust and reliability, the foundation for a true partnership.


Diversity is a key foundation stone at Cortell. Whether it is gender, ethnicity, or physical diversity, we embrace and support it.

We are pleased to say that over 31% of the team at Cortell is represented by women across the consulting, support, sales and finance teams.

We have more than a dozen different nationalities across the company that bring international experience, different perspectives and ideas to every engagement.

We have supported and sponsored many Cortellians past and present with permanent residency and citizenship, to help them call Australia home.

Why Choose Cortell

By electing to work with Cortell, you will engage a company 100% dedicated to the IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics platforms.

You will work with a company dedicated to your success end to end.

We are there for you each step of the way; ensuring that you get the right product and licence mix; the optimal design and delivery model; and the ongoing support and training you need to guarantee success.

With 1000 plus solutions delivered across 500 plus companies we have the solutions, expertise and methodologies to ensure the optimal outcomes.

With the extensive local, regional, and global relationships with IBM across product development, product management, sales, support and all levels of executive management, we are representing IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Cognos Analytics with IBM well and truly at our side. You can be sure you will be in a safe, trusted pair of hands.