Release Notes – 2020 July

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CoreBIS – Release Notes – 2020_07_31


Summary of Release Notes

Code updates
  • CU19: Derivation Rules – Table sumifs 747 (Missing table attributes from taxonomy)
  • CU37: ARF 746_0B form at BB some “Interest Rate” derived fields are showing as 0
  • CU41: ARF_110_0 calc error
  • CU46: Delete Load Dates if parent with no children
  • CU47: The CoreSecurity group doesn’t allow you to change security
  • CU48: Add dimension to cube has Import limited of 60dims
Enhancements to Existing Features
  • EF15: Derivation calculation methodology.
  • EF17: Validation Report filter to show failed items only.
  • EF24: Change to decimal places ARF 110_0_1
  • EF26: Archive feature – Add zip/Unzip to files.
  • EF30: Loading D2A submission for validation purposes
  • EF31: Add a tick box to tagged load screen for table mapping.
  • EF32: Validations – Entity
  • EF33: Data Quality Report Monthly – Comments
  • EF35: Workflow – Remove Last for Period
  • EF36: Improved Logfile frontend
  • EF37: Form Movement Report
New Features
  • NF11: Reconciliation Module
  • NF12: Recurring Manual Adj Feature
  • NF36: Online WIKI
  • NF37: Daily workflow process
New Form Versions
  • ARF_210_5v4
  • ARF_222_0v16 (Missing PET form)
  • ARF_222_1v1 (Missing PET form)
  • ARF_222_2v1 (Missing PET form)
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