Release Notes – 2022 January

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CoreBIS – Release Notes – 2022_01_31

CoreBIS – Testing Verification – 2022_01_31

Summary of Release Notes

Code updates
  • CU26: Manual added Forms not working 100%
  • CU80: Manually added Forms not integrating in trend reports, etc.
  • CU81: Validation rule – 37247286
  • CU87: 748 – 1.3 Total Outstanding Debt Securities
  • CU88: 747 – Derivations not calculating when referencing CBDT* attributes
  • CU89: Validations appearing as Failed when not calculated
  • CU90: EFS Forms – CHECKING
  • CU91: Mapping by Form – Selection
  • CU92: Tables do not format correctly when form is exported.
  • CU93: Action buttons shrunk
  • CU94: Regenerate workflow doesn’t clear data locking.
  • CU95: Movement Report Variance
  • CU96: Data Quality (DQ) Report Variance
  • CU97: Issue in the Movement worksheet.
  • CU98: Validation Rule ARF_748_0B (Teachers)
  • CU100: CoreBIS SQL Preview
Enhancements to Existing Features
  • EF51: D2A update button, execute and email when complete
  • EF68: Message when data loads fail emailed. Similar to the email you receive when it loads successfully.
  • EF71: Order Deposit balance on Forms
  • EF73: Update tagging screen so that it can be sorted numerically
  • EF80: Resubmission Process
  • EF81: Workflow Security
  • EF83: Adding Trend to Movement report
  • EF84: Ordering of Returns in Workflow based on due date.
  • EF86: Drill datasource screen, show NIL mapping items.
  • EF87: Workflow submission message
  • EF89: Sperate Edit Source and Edit Structure on CoreBUILD Dimensions
  • EF91: Changes to dimension alias’s where used in mapping cause issues

New Features

New Form Version
  • ARF_120_2v13
  • ARF_199_0v5
  • ARF_210_1Av12
  • ARF_210_1Bv9
  • ARF_223_0v7
  • ARF_230_0v11
  • ARF_325_0_1v4/5*
  • ARF_720_1Av5
  • ARF_720_3v6
  • ARF_743_0v7
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