Release Notes – 2022 November

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CoreBIS – Release Notes – 2022_11_30

CoreBIS – Testing Verification – 2022_11_30

Summary of Release Notes

Code updates
  • CU134: APRA_Return_Version_Form – Make Form Version Static (Risk:M)
  • CU162: Weighted Average calculation for multiple DataSources (Risk:H)
  • CU164: Running data loads / tagging in background cause rollback loop (Risk:M)
  • CU174: Derivations on ARF_210_1A applied from prior form versions. (Risk:M)
  • CU175: CoreBUILD > Edit Source checking active cell (Risk:L)
  • CU176: File Formatter Screen, Lite cube, period defaults to APRA Return Data instead of Period. (Risk:M)
Enhancements to Existing Features
  • EF115: Clean up: Add a comment field for many screens, and clean up formatting of screens, and check button colours. (Risk:H)
  • EF135: Update “Used in Mapping” report – Current Form Version (Risk:L)
  • EF137: New Modern Menu (Risk:L)
New Features
  • NF45 P5: Integrate CoreBIS with APRA Connect. (Risk:M)
New Form Version
  • ARS_110_0v1
  • ARS_112_0v1
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