Release Notes – 2023 January

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CoreBIS – Release Notes – 2023_01_31

CoreBIS – Testing Verification – 2023_01_31

Summary of Release Notes

Code updates
  • CU154: Validation failing for form not required. (Risk:L)
  • CU158: Validation incorrect for ARF_750 Nutrien (Risk:L)
  • CU169: Validation Error – 230_0 APRA_Period – 771574776 (Risk:L)
  • CU173: Validation update for APRA_Return_Version_Form change (Part of CU 134 – July22) (Risk:L)
  • CU177: Add dimension to cube save data causes issues. (Risk:M)
  • CU178: Reporting Period needs updating for 2022-12/2023/2024 (Risk:L)
  • CU179: Review processes that can not run in parallel and add synchronise (Risk:M)
  • CU180: Archiving base data not completing (Risk:L)
  • CU181: Data Loads slowed by Mapping process (Risk:L)
  • CU182: Average Interest Rate Calculation Error (Risk:M)
Enhancements to Existing Features
  • EF139: Multi-threading of tagging to improve performance (Risk:M)
  • EF141: ARF_922_2 (Risk:L)
  • EF142: ARF_922_3 (Risk:L)
New Features
  • NF45 P6: Integrate CoreBIS with APRA Connect. (Risk:H)
New Form Version
  • ARS_110_0v1
  • ARF_922_2v1
  • ARF_922_3v1
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