Release Notes – 2023 March

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CoreBIS – Release Notes – 2023_03_31

CoreBIS – Testing Verification – 2023_03_31

Summary of Release Notes

Code updates
  • CU 183: Clean up of Error TM1Proc_ Cube Views and Subsets, Review Processes to use Temp Subsets/Views (Risk: M)
  • CU 185: Drill screen: A user can not turn off zero suppress if no values exist. (Risk:L)
  • CU 190: Reconciliation Module needs ACD cubes added (Risk: M)
  • CU 191: APRA Connect XML outputs blank when numerical values equal 0 (Risk: M)
  • CU 192: Blank table items returning total values in tables. (Risk: M)
  • CU 193: Trend Analysis Graph does not show table attributes (Risk:L)
  • CU 194: Validation report formatting of Confirmation items. (Risk:L)
  • CU 195: Workflow Days dropdown not showing (Risk:L)
  • CU 196: AC Dimension Alias causes the tagging to stop. (Risk: M)
  • CU 197: File Formatter doesn’t cater for blank columns. (Risk: M)
Enhancements to Existing Features
  • EF 124: Add a Remove View button to the Drill Selections Screen (Risk:L)
  • EF 130: Update error message on Bulk Manual Adjustments for Table Forms (Risk: L)
  • EF 140: Movement by DataSource Report (Risk:L)
  • EF 143: Audit Reporting – Updates (Risk:L)
  • EF 144: 7-zip folder assumption (Risk:L)
  • EF 145: Speed up D2A update by removing ICLS (Risk:L)
New Features
New Form Version
APRA Connect Taxonomy
  • APRA Connect – Updates to ARS_110 Form (Risk: L)
  • APRA Connect – Updates to ARS_115 Form (Risk: L)
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