Release Notes – 2024 May

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CoreBIS – Release Notes – 2024_05_31

CoreBIS – Testing Verification – 2024_05_31

CoreBIS – Release Notes – 2024_Workflow

CoreBIS – Testing Verification – 2024_Workflow

Summary of Release Notes

Code updates
  • CU222: Master D2A Update logging and error checking (Risk: M)
  • CU223: Audit Reporting not outputting Tagging data for the ARS112 (Risk: L)
Enhancements to Existing Features
  • EF60: Tagging Report, and additional tagging version screen changes (Risk: L)
  • EF168: Workflow Redesign (Risk: H)
  • EF175: Provide a set of views for quick ad hoc analysis of form values (Risk: L)
New Features
New Form Version
  • ARF_720_4v5
  • ARF_720_6v2
  • ARF_721_0Bv8
  • ARF_730_1v3
  • ARF_741_0v5
  • ARF_742_0Av7
  • ARF_742_0Bv6
  • ARF_748_0Av6
  • ARF_748_0Bv6
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