Release Notes – 2022 June

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CoreBIS – Release Notes – 2022_06_30

CoreBIS – Testing Verification – 2022_06_30

Summary of Release Notes

Code updates
  • CU136: Tagging – Add Selected Item when using Dimensions Attributes get error.
  • CU137: Locked Mapping defaults to TOTAL for tables. Should exclude if new table item.
Enhancements to Existing Features
  • EF95: Auto Cube Optimisation – Stage 1
  • EF105: Dimension Structure Edit, no aliases
  • EF128: Calculated Measures – text file formatter
New Features
  • NF45 Phase 1: Integrate CoreBIS with APRA Connect
  • NF45.1 Converting AC Taxonomy for reading into SQL.
  • NF45.2 Update TI processes to add in the AC SQL Tables
  • NF45.3 Connect Dimensions – Available in the Add New dimension dropdown.
  • NF45.4 Update Tagging screen to show cube dimensions
  • NF45.5 Connect Dimensions – Work in Dimension Add to Cube feature
  • NF45.6 Connect Dimensions – Work in Tagging
  • NF45.7 Connect Dimensions – Updates to CoreBUILD functionality, Manual edit, Structure Edits
  • NF45.8 Update Table mapping to allow mapping for AC tables.
New Form Version


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